A blue mark on my ass

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Everyone gets them. Black and blue marks. But do you know what a black and blue mark is? Are black and blue marks harmful? And what causes black and blue marks?

Small blue birthmark?

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Even among those who agree that we should wear them, there are still misconceptions about how to wear your mask properly. One widely shared rumor, which began making the rounds on social media in mid-March, claims that disposable surgical masks can be worn with either the blue side or white side facing out. Unfortunately, this post and others like it have caused quite a bit of confusion, so the World Health Organization WHO is setting the recording straight. There is, however, one thing that the viral post got right. The two sides of the mask do serve different functions: the blue side, Seto explained, is waterproof, and designed to protect the wearer from incoming droplets from others.

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Ask a Question. What does "on my ass" mean in this context? Thanks for your help. L: Then listen!
It sounds like Mongolian Spots These flat birthmarks can be deep brown, slate gray, or blue-black in color. They do sometimes look like bruises. The edges are often, but not always, indistinct. They are most common on the lower back and buttocks, but are often found on the legs, back, sides, and shoulders.

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