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Toph Beifong

With the announcement of Avatar Studios, the entire Avatar universe fanbase is eager to return to the world of bending and get a chance to meet some new and possibly some old characters to binge-watch. It's no surprise Aang is at the bottom of this list - he's a monk, after all. Aang's sole possession was his glider and for half of season 3, he didn't even have that. One could make the case that Aang "owns" Appa and Momo but one could just as easily argue that they're Aang's companions and not his possessions. After Aang saved the world, married Katara, and started a family, he started to accumulate a few possessions due to living with his family, but he still never had much to his name the title of being Avatar was enough.
Toph is an extremely talented and masterful earthbender—i. Because she was blind, her parents had a tutor who taught her only basic earthbending but she learned earthbending secretly from the badgermoles. She eventually becomes the first person to develop the ability to "bend" metal as well.

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