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While both couples have been through ups and downs, they're two of the franchise's most popular pairings, but we can't help but wonder which couple is the best. When they first met as kids, Goku had unknowingly promised to marry Chi-Chi, thinking that a wedding was a kind of food. Now, he's protecting the same worlds he once sought to destroy. After the battle on Namek, he suddenly found himself without a home, but Bulma decided to take him in, providing him with food, shelter, clothes, and above all else, a place to train. As time went on, he began to renounce his evil ways.


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Bulma is the daughter of Dr. Brief , the founder of the Capsule Corporation, a company that creates special small capsules that shrink and hold objects of various sizes for easy storage. Being the daughter of a brilliant scientist, Bulma is also a scientific genius, as well as an inventor and engineer. Along with creating the Dragon Radar, a device that detects the energy signal emitted by a Dragon Ball, Bulma's role as an inventor becomes important at several points in the series; including the time machine that brings her future son Trunks to the past. Bulma is loosely based on the character Tang Sanzang from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. I suppose Goku and Bulma are representative of that. Bulma's appearance in the series is not as consistent as the other characters as she quite often changes her hairstyle and clothing being fashion-conscious.

Vegeta & Bulma

The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. A Daughter?! During the climatic final battle with Omega Shenron, the legendary warrior and Earth's primary defender Son Goku fought valiantly alongside his other Saiyan allies Princ

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