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Plastic straws were already set to be banned from cartons starting in July. Ribena is to stop using plastic straws - saving an estimated 16 tonnes of plastic from being produced every year. While cartons of the blackcurrant drink will soon be sipped through a paper tube instead, the wrappers for the new implement will still be plastic. It comes ahead of a government ban on plastic on-pack straws attached to cartons coming into force in July. The decision to stop using plastic straws follows a trial of cartons with paper alternatives at Tesco stores, and Ribena has worked to strengthen the drinking tool for a wider rollout.
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How do ducks have sex with their corkscrew-shaped penises? | Metro News

The shape of the duck penis and the shape of the duck vagina mean they go at it in an extremely unusual way. Well the way they go at it is rather unsightly, but the mechanics of duck sex is quite interesting. Female ducks have long twisted vaginas that have a number of spirals, however, the female duck vagina also has some dead-end pockets that they can engage if they do not want to be fertilised by the male duck that is mounting them. Female ducks can open themselves up to the male duck by lifting their tail feathers, and relaxing and contracting their vagina. Since ducks are aggressive creatures, one in three duck mating events are rapes, and three or four ducks may attack a female duck at once which sometimes results in injuries and death. These forced penetrations have meant female ducks have evolved in such a way that their vagina can trick the male into depositing his sperm in a dead-end and thus they avoid unwanted pregnancy.
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An idyllic family lunch on a boat became rather X-rated when a 'penis' belonging to one of the sons decided it wanted to share a piece of the limelight. A national broadcaster was left red-faced when an unexpected guest made itself very visible in its flagship programme. An idyllic family lunch on a boat became rather X-rated when what appeared to be a penis belonging to one of the sons decided it wanted to share a piece of the limelight. The clip came from Danish broadcaster TV2's Sail to Distant Shores which follows Mikkel Beha Erichsen and his family as they spend three years travelling round the world on a boat. The money shot provoked much hilarity on Danish journalist Anders Breinholt's talk show Natholdet , who revealed the suspicious body part was actually his foot.
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Of all the types of ducks , the mallard Anas platyrhynchos is one of the most widespread and most familiar species in the world, and they are the ancestors of most domestic duck breeds. Found wild throughout the Northern Hemisphere, mallards have also been introduced to many other areas and can easily be found in ponds, lakes, and rivers, as well as in artificial habitats such as golf courses, parks, gardens, and even yards. Highly adaptable, these ducks are familiar to most birders, but they are always worth watching and always have something to teach both novice and expert birders. A male mallard in breeding plumage is instantly recognizable and unmistakable.
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