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Deviation Actions. It was a rainy afternoon in Johto, near Mahogany town sat a lake where it was rumored that a red Gyarados had been spotted above the surface. However, things were strange recently around the lake. From what Lyra had heard, the rate at which the local magikarp were evolving had spiked over the past week. Faster than the locals could track. This meant the lake was becoming more and more dangerous for trainers to pass by.

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Lyra is a character that was introduced in Generation IV. Lyra is a short and skinny young girl with fair skin, brown hair tied into low bunched pigtails, and brown eyes. Her attire consists of a poofy white hat with a big red ribbon, a red quarter-sleeved hoodie with a white collar under which she wears a black undershirt , and dark blue overalls. On her feet, she wears very long white socks with black borders at the tops and cutesy red shoes with white soles. She also carries around a yellow handbag to store her items. Her outfit consists of a pink and white jersey, small pink and white shorts, and pink and white shoes. Despite Lyra's skinny body, her jersey size is apparently a medium instead of a small though it may just be embellishment on account of Whitney's ditzy nature.

Pokemon Lyra

Her male counterpart is Ethan. Lyra's journey as a Trainer begins when Professor Elm asks her to run an errand for Mr. Lyra meets a strange boy the same age as her watching Elm's Lab from outside.
Her male counterpart is Hilbert. Hilda is a girl who lives in Nuvema Town , along with her childhood friends Cheren and Bianca. In order to achieve his goals, he and Hilda will battle several times during the course of the game.

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