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The Gummi Bears are an anthropomorphic species of bears who have a long and rich history, and are relatively unknown to the humans of the world who believe that they are merely legends and fairy tales. They were the main characters in the animated series Adventures of the Gummi Bears. According to the show, in ancient times, the Ancient Gummis and humans once lived peacefully together side by side. At some point however, the species was forced into sailing across the sea in search of a new home, due to attacks by evil humans who craved the magical and mechanical advancements of the Gummis. The Ancient Gummis left behind small colonies, such as the main group of the series; the Gummi-Glen Gummis and Barbic Woods Gummis, to care for and watch over the Gummi cities, as well as signal the Ancient Gummis when it was safe to return home. At one point, the colony was a major warren, housing hundreds, but at the beginning of the series it has since dwindled to six members, bringing the Gummis of the Glen close to extinction.


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The gummi bear was first created in Germany in by Hans Riegel Bonn who started the Haribo Company using an acronym of his name. The confection immediately became popular. For many years, gummi bears were imported to America where high school students first learned of the candy in their German classes. Later that same year Haribo brought their business to the U.

Gummi Bears

Hold on to your butts, because things are about to get bear-y interesting! Luckily most of the world now knows better than to drag bears around and train them to dance, because that's awful, and the best current-day bear dancing is happening only in the wild. Testing is being done to add xylitol which helps fight cavities to gummy bears. They are as delicious as they sound.
The gummy bear is one of many gummies , popular gelatin -based candies sold in a variety of shapes and colors. Gum arabic was the original base ingredient used to produce the gummy bears, hence the name gum or gummy. Hans Riegel, Sr. Manufacturers offer sizes from the standard candy size, and smaller, to bears that weigh several kilograms.

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